G&T on a hot summer day

I’m a little different than most of my sisters. Not everyone likes me. I hear things like “she’s so bulky”, “lose some weight”, “get a heel”… Hurts my feelings.  Luckily there are some women who just love me. They love my shape, love the smoothness of my wood, the way I walk over cobblestone streets, they love me just as I am.  I must admit that I’m more of a G&T type on a hot summer day than a white wine kinda gal. I like to wear shorts though not opposed to cropped pants or a short skirt.  Dresses, not so much… sorry.  I’m often told that I’m too confident but really, it’s just for show.  I’m like every other sister out there, needing reassurance, looking for my soul mates…  That said, once you try me, you’ll never look back…  So go on, take a chance, give me a try, take me with you!  My name is Edda by the way.

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