More than just rubber…

I may not have great heels or fancy materials dressing me up, may not go to many big parties and events but let me tell you why I am more than just a piece of rubber.

Well actually I am just a piece of rubber but I am a very special piece of rubber. In fact, I am probably one of the best inventions ever. I pack light, I don’t care if I get wet or a bit sandy, I’m happy to walk and play, I slip on without any effort and for reasons I don’t even know, I’m actually comfortable.

I must tell you that I very much appreciate if my woman adds a little color to her toenails. Gives me a bit of a boost.  And I also super appreciate a clean foot. I know it’s tempting to just slip your foot in and out of me but please have a quick check before you slip me back on again.  I have some war stories about what has been on the bottom of the lovely feet that wear me but I will spare you – for now.  So truly. Have a look. And thank-you for that.

I’m hardly ever home as I’m usually travelling the world. I’ve been everywhere. Ok, maybe not to the Antarctic but let’s not get stuck in the details.  My favourite place so far has been Zanzibar.  Beautiful white sand, hot as hell but knowing that I was protecting my woman’s feet from the heat made me feel really special.

Anyways, I’m off.  We are heading to Italy for a long weekend. I know, I know… don’t I get a complex there? Not really. I feel good about myself and how many of “those” shoes have been to Zanzibar???



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