The shoe fund

The question isn’t whether or not we love shoes. The question is, how do we fund our shoe passion. Notice I used the word ‘passion’ rather than a more non-descript word.  This is how it works ladies:  All women need a shoe fund. Just like the education fund many of us start for our kids or travel fund for those that don’t have them…  one needs a shoe fund. How does a shoe fund work, you ask?  Here’s how mine works.  When friends ask for gift ideas for my birthday, I nudge them towards my shoe fund.  When I find a ten’er on the road side, shoe fund.  Loose change in my pocket, shoe fund.  Forgotten child’s allowance, shoe fund.   Saved money on groceries, shoe fund.  Paid cash instead of invoice (ahem), shoe fund.  Can I borrow a five’er, shoe fund.   Lemonade stand, shoe fund.

You get my drift.  Thing is, the shoe fund is not, and I repeat NOT there to fund that very special pair of shoes you must must have. That, you just do. No Matter What.  The shoe fund is to fund the other special shoes you must have…

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