Just do it!

As most of you know, we (my sisters and I), have arrived in Amsterdam and are waiting to Meet you.  I have been waiting patiently in my comfortable box, waiting to be displayed, tried-on, touched and admired.  A few tears will also hopefully be shed.  I just can’t wait!

I managed to make some noise yesterday and was lucky enough to be taken out of my box. You see, getting out of the box is hard for us without any help but once we are out, there is no putting us back.

This is what happened…

“Hello Amsterdam” I shouted! but there were only 2 people in the room. Strange I thought, I was expecting a crowd. At least I was out and you know what that means…Not going back.  I was shown to a woman who had never set eyes on me before.  She held me, admired me, smelled me ( I know… some women just can’t help themselves) and wouldn’t let me go.  My sisters were shown to her. She gave a passing interest and the appropriate “ooohhhh” and “ahhhhh’s” but kept me close to her.  She loved me.  It was that simple. Love at first sight.  Then she said something that almost made me cry.

“When would I wear her?” WHAT??? What do you mean???  “I tend to wear jogging pants when I’m in the house alone”. WHAT??? What do you mean??? Luckily Lianne (my extra special real woman friend) said to the woman: “Just do it!  Wear her even when you are at home alone. Wear her to do your groceries in. Wear her on a bike ride and while eating dinner. Wear beautiful Adele anytime all the time.”

Phew, what a relief. At least she gets it.  I dried my tears.

Beautiful shoes are meant to be worn.

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