Socks: V.I.P.S

I know, I have already talked about my gorgeous self on this blog but I wanted to take a moment to tell you about socks.  V.I.P.S.  Very Important Partner to Shoes.  You see, I was hoping to get out this Fall but was struggling a bit with my open back-side. It is fresh out there these days.  As I was gazing outside looking at the beautiful leaves, I realized that I had an option: Socks.  They would be my bridge, my way out, my summer’s extension.  I thought about colors, patterns, materials and decided on a light brownish/grey patterned sock.  Light enough to show some skin, dark enough to feel like the season.  My sisters questioned my choice but I was confident we were a good match today.  Sometimes I like being a little extra glamorous. It’s a lot of pressure to always be shinning on my own. Now I had company, call it a friend of sorts, a V.I.P.S.  So out we went into the cool mid-October weather parading to the cafe. We settled outside under the little heater (great invention I must add) and waited for our friends to arrive.  My sister thought she could get away without a V.I.P.S and found herself feeling a little chilly.  So as our ladies had their drinks, we chatted a bit about the greatness of socks.

They bridge the seasons, turn summer into fall, turn winter back into spring. Who else can do that??? So ladies, go and buy some great socks.  Be daring! We promise to support you.

V.I.A.S. remember that about socks.

Here are some of my sisters with their V.I.A.S’s.

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