A conversation between two shoes

Sunday 23 October 2016 @ 10:30

Dear Lianne Bergeron, thank you for bringing us all the way from Italy to this little town of Monnickendam. We are here to stay! Guess we knew the moment we met Saskia. That look in her eyes. Love at first sight. So, she brought us home. ‘Mi casa sua casa’, she said (in flawless Italian!). She showed us around. Danced us around. Upstairs, downstairs, back upstairs where we met a lot of new friends (we stopped counting after twenty-something). We ended up doing a pirouette in front of her boyfriend. ‘Wow!’ he said. ‘They are, ehmmm, not black!’ We think that means he likes us. Then they turned off the light. And in the darkness, Saskia came to us and whispered softly… ‘Green may be the new black. But bordeaux and blue are the new I love you.’ #lenora
PS Lianne, if you miss us, we are only one small moonwalk around the corner.

Sunday 23 October 2016 @19:32

Cara Amalia, I was peaking over Lianne Bergeron‘s shoulder while she was reading your message and was so happy to hear that you have moved in right next door. You look stunning by the way! You have clearly found the perfect match – you are radiating as we all do when we’ve found our woman. Did you know that there are many of us living here? Alma, Ida, Dolores, Velia, Sara, Antonia and me, Rita all live next door. Sneak out some night and come and have a party with us. We do that a lot when she’s out and has left us behind. Helps us get over our jealousy of not being chosen as we all think we are the perfect shoe for every occasion…  I am trying to convince Rita Principe Blu to also move in. I miss her a lot these days – she’s my bigger sister you know. And though she brags about being taller and warmer – I am the “new black” so I can take her comments lightly. She knows she belongs here but keeps looking around. She said that she has such a great time at Vintage Brands Monnickendam that she’s not quite ready to settle down – guess she’s afraid someone better might come along. We keep telling her that she will not find a better match. I’m sure she’ll figure that out eventually.

Cara cara Amalia, let’s talk as often as we can! Baci! Rita Verde x. #lenora

Sunday 23 October 2016 @ 22:05

Rita blu! Stop looking around and move in!!! These are the feet to be in (said Amalia, dreaming of her twin sister in ivory&black)…


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