How much???

How much?

How much what?

How much do I cost??? Are you really asking me that question?

That’s like asking a woman her age.  Or like asking if her hair color is natural, if her skin is always that smooth or if the bulge she started showing recently around her midpoint means she’s expecting.

Questions you just don’t ask. EVER.

Ask me how many hands were used to craft me.  No comment…  ; )  Or the extra element of design that makes others want to be like me.  Ask me how many parts I’m made of (about 36 if you really want to know). Ask me about the thought that went into my look or about the decoration hanging on my side. About what my outer sole is made of and about the beauty of my inner sole.  Ask about the choice of beautiful material I’m wearing, about my perfectly chosen lining or the tattoo on the bottom of my shoe.  Ask me about my specially constructed heel made for walking and dancing ALL DAY LONG.  Ask me why you can walk in me all day and not in my colleagues (notice I don’t call them friends… as I keep high standards). Go on, ask me these questions, but please – have some dignity and don’t ask me “How much?”.  It’s insulting.

But I am a bit curious… What DO you think I’m worth?

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