Rain rain… come again!

I love this weather! Love Love Love It! 

Feel the cool breeze? Hear the sound of the wind rustling the leaves? Needing a heavier coat or an umbrella?  It’s FALL!!!! My favourite season! For the first time in months, I get to be outdoors, I get to Play.   It’s my coming-out season! 

I spend most of the year in the closet. Unfair, I know, but I’ve accepted my fate.  You wouldn’t think it, but I probably get more compliments than my sisters.   I turn a rainy day into a fun day with my rubbery greatness! I keep feet dry.  No extra protection spray nonsense necessary. I have chosen a color for myself that makes me especially cheerful: Green, lots of different greens. 

I would be the life of a party if only they would let me into the house.  They always park me in the mudroom. I mean seriously, I’m a rain boot, not a mud boot.  I’m as clean as a whistle when I’ve been outside.  Just give me a little massage on the carpet at the front door and I’ll even shine!  I’m begging you… Keep me ON! There is nothing more silly looking than a room full of people in socks, never mind the smell. 

All my sisters have names but I don’t.  So you can call me Cool Rain Boots or just “Cool” for short.  I’m extra cool because –  wait for it… 

I have a heel.  I was sick and tired of my sisters being taller than me, sick of people dragging their feet and rubbing my sole the wrong way so I got myself a heel.   Yes, I am a high heel rubber boot and I rock.  I am a little on the heavy side (all that rubber in the heel thing) but it’s good for your calves.

I’ve been trying to convince the ladies to just add some good wool socks to their feet to let me enjoy the winter a bit more – I’ve never even seen the snow…  

But for now I’ll settle for the Fall.  Rain Rain, come again!!!


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