Rita is busy…

At the moment, I seem to be the go-to shoe for business meetings. I have been out and about throughout the Fall and have the best VIPS’s that just work so well for me. I’m made of wool which does give me an edge over my sisters when it comes to colder weather.

I have a 10cm heel – high for some of you I know – but I am made so perfectly (if I do say so myself) that I’m extremely walkable.    The height of my heel sets off my lovely herringbone wool pattern and the dark color of my heel makes me perfect for this season. To be honest, I love myself…

I’ve not only been walking a lot lately but I’ve also been going back and forth on the ferry, getting on and off my bike (ok, it’s not exactly MY bike) but I am the one pushing the peddles which gives me a claim. On a side note, I would really love a better bike – I do have a reputation to keep up after all.  I’ve even been driving.  That’s a pretty high learning curve even for a shoe in one month…

I’ve also been to school which is so much fun.  The mom’s there have been giving me the one over and the “younger generation” has even given me compliments.  I do try not to blush as it’s not a good combination with my pattern but sometimes I can’t help myself. Especially with those unexpected compliments.

I’ve been in a lot of meetings lately.  Boring… right? Actually they are SHOE meetings and I am the leading actress: I am the SHOE.  So I am loving these meetings, sometimes even kicking back my heels to take a rest. I even put myself on the table.  I’m not a fan of shoes on the table but Velia and I needed to talk and it was so dark under there.

Well it’s been fun chatting but now I have another meeting to get to…

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