It’s a cold one…

Brrrr…. I could feel the cold on the floor this morning.  The floor is insulated downstairs but upstairs in my closet, it’s darn right cold.

There were whispers of  ice and snow on the way  in the closet between us last night. “Will it freeze?” – “What if there’s ice?” – “What if they SKATE?” –  “We’ll be put away, won’t be worn. Ever again.” – “She’ll forget about us.  We’ll get dusty and our tears will ruin our leather.”

Some of the comments were a bit over-the-top but in the dark of night, our emotions were very raw.   We’d heard that the temperature was dropping to -3 degrees which is, for most of us, really really cold. None of us could sleep from all of our stress so we started brainstorming about how we could brave the Winter.   We came up with some ideas.

  • It is always warm in houses, cafes and office buildings so we can be still be worn at parties, for hanging out, at the office etc.  We really don’t mind being put into a beautiful bag to be taken out while our “winter boot colleagues” are being used to get to and from. As long as you leave THEM at the door when you arrive.  
  • As long as it’s not actually snowing or icy, we can run to a car and into an office, no problem. We are, after all, made for dancing so running is easy for us.
  • Some of us look really great in socks. In fact, most of us look great in socks.  Keeps us and your feet warm on a colder day.
  • If you really must, your friendly shoe-maker (if he isn’t friendly please don’t bring us there) can add a rubber sole underneath us.  It gives us more grip.
  • Give us a good spray against the rain so in case we do get caught outside, we will be fine once we’ve dried off.  Though it may be tempting to dry us with a blow dryer, we prefer to dry “au naturel”. 
  • Never ever bring slippers in your bag when going to someone’s house.  We hardly take up any space and are so much sexier. We claim that space in your bag.
  • If the weather is just really unbearable, come and see us anyways.  We promise to make you smile even on the dreariest of days.  Always. We just have a way with that.

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