No stress…

Last night I overheard “the shoes” as I call them, talking about the weather. I would actually call it “stressing out” about the weather as there was a lot of noise and panic while I was trying to get some much needed (trust me) beauty sleep.  You see, I’m not as “beautiful” as the shoes say they are.  I’m more “practical”.  Not boring – but practical.  There is a huge difference btw.  I exist for the sole purpose of keeping feet warm and dry in the snow and to keep them from slipping on the ice.  I don’t go to parties and  I never go to work.   Sometimes I feel a bit used but I know my worth.  I am indispensable on a cold winter day.  IN-DIS-PEN-SA-BLE.  Not many shoes can say that now, can they?

A funny thing happened some years ago though – I actually became trendy.  I am handmade in Maine, USA (sorry about that…)  so I do know all about snow and ice.  I’ve become ‘in demand’.  Apparently they can’t even make enough of me’s to keep up with the sales!  Go figure!

I used to be labeled – “unglamorous”,  “clumsy” –  paired up with a thick coat, a hat, big mittens, a scarf,  wool socks – who could blame someone for calling me that.  I am usually desperately trying to breathes and move under a pile of snow or navigate over icy roads while keeping the person above safe and sound. That is no easy feat I can tell you. And not always graceful.  But I’m cool with that. I’m good under pressure. I don’t slip and slide when things get tough and I don’t run away (ok my weight does make that tricky…) when the ‘snowing’ gets rough.

So I’m good. I’m good with being the indispensable now actually trendy, winter boot.

Put me on and I guarantee “no stress” in the winter. In fact, I may help you love it!


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