The Shoe Spa

I’ve been noticing that my leather has been getting dry. It’s just not as soft and smooth as it used to be.  I’ve been trying to send signals to bring me to the spa but she hasn’t heard me yet.  Another month and I’ll be positively cracking.  Give me some TLC!  We use the same term as you do – TLC:  Tender Loving Care and I’m needing some at the moment…

After a wonderful night of beauty sleep, I found myself in my silk bag on my way somewhere and not on someone’s feet.  I didn’t dare have too much hope about our destination but deep down I was hoping – hoping that we were heading for the spa! The Shoe Spa – better known to you as the Shoe Makers.  This word is a bit confusing as I’m going there to get some TLC and not to be remade however, they have all of the necessary tools and creams so I’m good with it.  It’s called  “Le Cordonnier” in French. I prefer this word, it’s more spa like.

Getting back to my story – off we drove to an area that I was not familiar with although to be really honest I couldn’t see out of the window so I didn’t really know where we were going. Sometimes she talks out loud when she drives and then I know – but not today – music only…

We got out of the car and walked into a shop. But it wasn’t a shop – it was a Shoe Spa! My dream came true! I wanted to twirl her around in a dance but I was stuck in a bag so I just did a little dance on my own.   Inside, I was put on the counter, the masseuse picked me up, admired me, turned me upside down and saw what kind of treatment I was looking for. He started by fixing the top pieces of my heels and then replaced my outer soles with new ones.  I had been worn so often that these 2 areas needing some mending. And then came the best part.  I was rubbed down lightly in some great oil, placed in a dark room to let it soak in while I rested comfortably.   What a feeling! Just what I needed.   A couple of hours later I was brought back into the treatment room and the leftover oils were brushed off me with the softest of brushes.  I was re-checked from top to bottom, a bit more oil added here and there and since I live in a rather wet climate, I was given the final touch of a light spray to protect my beautiful leather from the rain.  It feels like a feather tickling your chin.  I was so relaxed I could hardly stand-up.  Lucky for me I didn’t need to!  My sister was walking today.

I don’t know how you feel after a day at the Spa but I feel great, rejuvenated and ready to get back out there. So put me back on lady!

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