Did you hear the news???

We are so excited! We’ve just left our birthplace at Lake Garda and said a tearful goodbye to our friends whom we’ve spent the first part of our lives with.  And YIPEE! We are on our way to Amsterdam.  That may not be a big deal for some of you reading this but for Italian shoes, handmade in a small village, it’s big. Very big.  We get to do so many more things in Amsterdam like bike around (and apparently most women even bike us to work).  We’ve heard about the boats and that you stand up and dance in them with us on sometimes and we can even tip-toe-through-the-tulips there. We aren’t particularly looking forward to the rain but we’ve heard that there are some great Shoe Spas for us to get treated for this.

We are bringing some VIPS‘s (Very Important Partner to Shoes) as well. We love the look they give us and keep us flexible.  It means you’ll wear us more often which of course is what we love the most.

Are you coming to Meet us? We are looking for the perfect fit and won’t settle for anything less.

Here’s your Invitation Spring Summer 2017! And by all means, wear your favourite pair. We LOVE meeting new shoes!


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