Help! We need HELP! We have been trying to communicate with all of you, have been wanting to tell you about how we are feeling and what we are doing but SHE isn’t responding.  And SHE knows that we can’t write and that we were not given those skills when we were made.  We have been patient long enough. We have things to SAY!

You must, of course, be asking yourself – then who is writing this blog right now??? Well – we are. We figured it out. Tired of being dependant. We’ve figured out that if a couple of us (the ones with the more pointy heels) get together, that we can TYPE.  It took us a couple of weeks to master the keyboard but we did it.  (Please excuse any tipo’s. Remember, we are shoes and spelling doesn’t come naturally to us…)

So we are back and will be posting our stories regularly again! YIPEE!!!!!


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