Being different

It’s been really hard being so different from everyone else. People say: “Oh she’s so cute but I would never wear her”. Others have said downright mean things like “What a strange shoe” or “They could have at least left the face off the shoe” and “She’s just so different – who wants a shoe like that???”.  That last comment made me cry – I do have feelings you know.  The funny thing is that the very definition of a handmade shoe means that we are all different. And we need to celebrate that! When I was made and got a first glimpse of myself, I thought: “Wow, look at me – they really went to town when they put me together, I can’t wait to get out there and be on display! I can’t wait for people to admire my awesome design”.  But over time, I lost my spunk.  Too many one-overs, too many negative comments about my looks. I started forgetting that being different is a good thing.

And then, a couple of weeks ago, the moment arrived. It was literally LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.  At least for me. I was just hanging out, chilling to the music, admiring people’s feet walking around the store, when I spotted HER.  She was wearing tight red boot cut jogging pants with white stripes going down the sides (I kid you not) and she looked great in them! and I knew then – that if she could pull off those pants then she could certainly wear me on her feet.

Then she saw me. Put me on. And took me home.

And we lived happily ever after…

ivonne is different

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