It’s my wedding day!

Can you believe it? I am getting married! MARRIED!!!! Such a great compliment for a shoe. I mean how many of us actually get married?  A lot of us GO to a wedding – we dance, hang-out – check out who is getting married and why they chose her over us but to actually be on the bride’s feet?!!! Now that is big news.

I am getting married in Italy (back to my roots!) and my twin-sister is getting married in Amsterdam.  How cool is that? Two of us! I mean, I totally understand why we were chosen to be part of such an important event – Mint green with a delicate band and a truly beautiful silhouette, not to mention our killer stand-all-day-dance-all-night heel.

I’d love to chat but as you can imagine I have a flight to catch! No one should ever keep the bride waiting…

Here’s a close up of me (Linda Verde).

linda green small

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