Half price – Are you kidding me???

Did you hear the news? They are selling us for half our price. HALF.  How dare they?

We are not all happy about this…  What do you think this does to our self-worth? How do you think this makes us feel?   Would YOU sell yourself for half price? We should hope the heck not.  We do wish they’d have talked to us about it. We could have brainstormed together on how to convince YOU to come and Meet US, Try us and Take us home.  Like by throwing in a pair of free socks, some leather protector, free dance lessons or just plain seducing you with wine – but selling us off for 50% off???  Just not cool. We are HANDMADE Italian shoes. Made with love and the finest leathers.

The only reason this is at all a tiny bit ok for us – is that we might spend less time in a box and more time on your feet.

So do us beauties a favour: Bring us home this week so that we don’t have to face this insult any longer than necessary.  Once we’ve left the shop, all is forgiven – it really is all about us finding our match and hitting the dance floor together!


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