Oh so cute! Size 36.

We hear this all the time: “Oh look, they are so cute”, “Oh, they look like they would fit one of my dolls”,  ‘Oh, cute cute cute”.

It does get exhausting, women picking us up, full of ooohs & ahhhhs, then putting us down and trying on one of our bigger sized sisters.  I mean, we get it.  Not everyone has small feet.  But everyone knows someone with small feet.

So we’ll cut to the chase.  We are begging you to bring your “small feet friends” to meet us. We want to dance, go to business meetings and just hang around a closet full of other shoes that don’t make us feel small.

Half price – Are you kidding me???

Did you hear the news? They are selling us for half our price. HALF.  How dare they?

We are not all happy about this…  What do you think this does to our self-worth? How do you think this makes us feel?   Would YOU sell yourself for half price? We should hope the heck not.  We do wish they’d have talked to us about it. We could have brainstormed together on how to convince YOU to come and Meet US, Try us and Take us home.  Like by throwing in a pair of free socks, some leather protector, free dance lessons or just plain seducing you with wine – but selling us off for 50% off???  Just not cool. We are HANDMADE Italian shoes. Made with love and the finest leathers.

The only reason this is at all a tiny bit ok for us – is that we might spend less time in a box and more time on your feet.

So do us beauties a favour: Bring us home this week so that we don’t have to face this insult any longer than necessary.  Once we’ve left the shop, all is forgiven – it really is all about us finding our match and hitting the dance floor together!


It’s my wedding day!

Can you believe it? I am getting married! MARRIED!!!! Such a great compliment for a shoe. I mean how many of us actually get married?  A lot of us GO to a wedding – we dance, hang-out – check out who is getting married and why they chose her over us but to actually be on the bride’s feet?!!! Now that is big news.

I am getting married in Italy (back to my roots!) and my twin-sister is getting married in Amsterdam.  How cool is that? Two of us! I mean, I totally understand why we were chosen to be part of such an important event – Mint green with a delicate band and a truly beautiful silhouette, not to mention our killer stand-all-day-dance-all-night heel.

I’d love to chat but as you can imagine I have a flight to catch! No one should ever keep the bride waiting…

Here’s a close up of me (Linda Verde).

linda green small

Being different

It’s been really hard being so different from everyone else. People say: “Oh she’s so cute but I would never wear her”. Others have said downright mean things like “What a strange shoe” or “They could have at least left the face off the shoe” and “She’s just so different – who wants a shoe like that???”.  That last comment made me cry – I do have feelings you know.  The funny thing is that the very definition of a handmade shoe means that we are all different. And we need to celebrate that! When I was made and got a first glimpse of myself, I thought: “Wow, look at me – they really went to town when they put me together, I can’t wait to get out there and be on display! I can’t wait for people to admire my awesome design”.  But over time, I lost my spunk.  Too many one-overs, too many negative comments about my looks. I started forgetting that being different is a good thing.

And then, a couple of weeks ago, the moment arrived. It was literally LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.  At least for me. I was just hanging out, chilling to the music, admiring people’s feet walking around the store, when I spotted HER.  She was wearing tight red boot cut jogging pants with white stripes going down the sides (I kid you not) and she looked great in them! and I knew then – that if she could pull off those pants then she could certainly wear me on her feet.

Then she saw me. Put me on. And took me home.

And we lived happily ever after…

ivonne is different


Help! We need HELP! We have been trying to communicate with all of you, have been wanting to tell you about how we are feeling and what we are doing but SHE isn’t responding.  And SHE knows that we can’t write and that we were not given those skills when we were made.  We have been patient long enough. We have things to SAY!

You must, of course, be asking yourself – then who is writing this blog right now??? Well – we are. We figured it out. Tired of being dependant. We’ve figured out that if a couple of us (the ones with the more pointy heels) get together, that we can TYPE.  It took us a couple of weeks to master the keyboard but we did it.  (Please excuse any tipo’s. Remember, we are shoes and spelling doesn’t come naturally to us…)

So we are back and will be posting our stories regularly again! YIPEE!!!!!


Did you hear the news???

We are so excited! We’ve just left our birthplace at Lake Garda and said a tearful goodbye to our friends whom we’ve spent the first part of our lives with.  And YIPEE! We are on our way to Amsterdam.  That may not be a big deal for some of you reading this but for Italian shoes, handmade in a small village, it’s big. Very big.  We get to do so many more things in Amsterdam like bike around (and apparently most women even bike us to work).  We’ve heard about the boats and that you stand up and dance in them with us on sometimes and we can even tip-toe-through-the-tulips there. We aren’t particularly looking forward to the rain but we’ve heard that there are some great Shoe Spas for us to get treated for this.

We are bringing some VIPS‘s (Very Important Partner to Shoes) as well. We love the look they give us and keep us flexible.  It means you’ll wear us more often which of course is what we love the most.

Are you coming to Meet us? We are looking for the perfect fit and won’t settle for anything less.

Here’s your Invitation Spring Summer 2017! And by all means, wear your favourite pair. We LOVE meeting new shoes!


The Shoe Spa

I’ve been noticing that my leather has been getting dry. It’s just not as soft and smooth as it used to be.  I’ve been trying to send signals to bring me to the spa but she hasn’t heard me yet.  Another month and I’ll be positively cracking.  Give me some TLC!  We use the same term as you do – TLC:  Tender Loving Care and I’m needing some at the moment…

After a wonderful night of beauty sleep, I found myself in my silk bag on my way somewhere and not on someone’s feet.  I didn’t dare have too much hope about our destination but deep down I was hoping – hoping that we were heading for the spa! The Shoe Spa – better known to you as the Shoe Makers.  This word is a bit confusing as I’m going there to get some TLC and not to be remade however, they have all of the necessary tools and creams so I’m good with it.  It’s called  “Le Cordonnier” in French. I prefer this word, it’s more spa like.

Getting back to my story – off we drove to an area that I was not familiar with although to be really honest I couldn’t see out of the window so I didn’t really know where we were going. Sometimes she talks out loud when she drives and then I know – but not today – music only…

We got out of the car and walked into a shop. But it wasn’t a shop – it was a Shoe Spa! My dream came true! I wanted to twirl her around in a dance but I was stuck in a bag so I just did a little dance on my own.   Inside, I was put on the counter, the masseuse picked me up, admired me, turned me upside down and saw what kind of treatment I was looking for. He started by fixing the top pieces of my heels and then replaced my outer soles with new ones.  I had been worn so often that these 2 areas needing some mending. And then came the best part.  I was rubbed down lightly in some great oil, placed in a dark room to let it soak in while I rested comfortably.   What a feeling! Just what I needed.   A couple of hours later I was brought back into the treatment room and the leftover oils were brushed off me with the softest of brushes.  I was re-checked from top to bottom, a bit more oil added here and there and since I live in a rather wet climate, I was given the final touch of a light spray to protect my beautiful leather from the rain.  It feels like a feather tickling your chin.  I was so relaxed I could hardly stand-up.  Lucky for me I didn’t need to!  My sister was walking today.

I don’t know how you feel after a day at the Spa but I feel great, rejuvenated and ready to get back out there. So put me back on lady!

I’m a vegetarian

I love carrots, broccoli and kale.  Nuts and lentils are my favourite fillers. And don’t get me started about dates and figs… and I do love the occasional french fry.  Seriously, I am pulling your leg! How can a shoe be a vegetarian? Shoes don’t eat.  We wouldn’t mind eating but no one has designed us that way.  So instead of being a Vegetarian, I’m actually what we call a “Vegan shoe”.

What’s a Vegan shoe? Nice that you’ve asked. If you take a close look, you’ll see that I am made of lovely materials that don’t include animal products.  For some, it’s hard to imagine a non-leather-high-heel-shoe but I must say that I am extremely proud of how I look, feel and walk.  If I hadn’t told you, you wouldn’t have known the difference.

But now that you do, what do you think?

It’s a cold one…

Brrrr…. I could feel the cold on the floor this morning.  The floor is insulated downstairs but upstairs in my closet, it’s darn right cold.

There were whispers of  ice and snow on the way  in the closet between us last night. “Will it freeze?” – “What if there’s ice?” – “What if they SKATE?” –  “We’ll be put away, won’t be worn. Ever again.” – “She’ll forget about us.  We’ll get dusty and our tears will ruin our leather.”

Some of the comments were a bit over-the-top but in the dark of night, our emotions were very raw.   We’d heard that the temperature was dropping to -3 degrees which is, for most of us, really really cold. None of us could sleep from all of our stress so we started brainstorming about how we could brave the Winter.   We came up with some ideas.

  • It is always warm in houses, cafes and office buildings so we can be still be worn at parties, for hanging out, at the office etc.  We really don’t mind being put into a beautiful bag to be taken out while our “winter boot colleagues” are being used to get to and from. As long as you leave THEM at the door when you arrive.  
  • As long as it’s not actually snowing or icy, we can run to a car and into an office, no problem. We are, after all, made for dancing so running is easy for us.
  • Some of us look really great in socks. In fact, most of us look great in socks.  Keeps us and your feet warm on a colder day.
  • If you really must, your friendly shoe-maker (if he isn’t friendly please don’t bring us there) can add a rubber sole underneath us.  It gives us more grip.
  • Give us a good spray against the rain so in case we do get caught outside, we will be fine once we’ve dried off.  Though it may be tempting to dry us with a blow dryer, we prefer to dry “au naturel”. 
  • Never ever bring slippers in your bag when going to someone’s house.  We hardly take up any space and are so much sexier. We claim that space in your bag.
  • If the weather is just really unbearable, come and see us anyways.  We promise to make you smile even on the dreariest of days.  Always. We just have a way with that.

Rita is busy…

At the moment, I seem to be the go-to shoe for business meetings. I have been out and about throughout the Fall and have the best VIPS’s that just work so well for me. I’m made of wool which does give me an edge over my sisters when it comes to colder weather.

I have a 10cm heel – high for some of you I know – but I am made so perfectly (if I do say so myself) that I’m extremely walkable.    The height of my heel sets off my lovely herringbone wool pattern and the dark color of my heel makes me perfect for this season. To be honest, I love myself…

I’ve not only been walking a lot lately but I’ve also been going back and forth on the ferry, getting on and off my bike (ok, it’s not exactly MY bike) but I am the one pushing the peddles which gives me a claim. On a side note, I would really love a better bike – I do have a reputation to keep up after all.  I’ve even been driving.  That’s a pretty high learning curve even for a shoe in one month…

I’ve also been to school which is so much fun.  The mom’s there have been giving me the one over and the “younger generation” has even given me compliments.  I do try not to blush as it’s not a good combination with my pattern but sometimes I can’t help myself. Especially with those unexpected compliments.

I’ve been in a lot of meetings lately.  Boring… right? Actually they are SHOE meetings and I am the leading actress: I am the SHOE.  So I am loving these meetings, sometimes even kicking back my heels to take a rest. I even put myself on the table.  I’m not a fan of shoes on the table but Velia and I needed to talk and it was so dark under there.

Well it’s been fun chatting but now I have another meeting to get to…