G&T on a hot summer day

I’m a little different than most of my sisters. Not everyone likes me. I hear things like “she’s so bulky”, “lose some weight”, “get a heel”… Hurts my feelings.  Luckily there are some women who just love me. They love my shape, love the smoothness of my wood, the way I walk over cobblestone streets, they love me just as I am.  I must admit that I’m more of a G&T type on a hot summer day than a white wine kinda gal. I like to wear shorts though not opposed to cropped pants or a short skirt.  Dresses, not so much… sorry.  I’m often told that I’m too confident but really, it’s just for show.  I’m like every other sister out there, needing reassurance, looking for my soul mates…  That said, once you try me, you’ll never look back…  So go on, take a chance, give me a try, take me with you!  My name is Edda by the way.

All that glitters in not gold…

Phew, just back from a long day at work, dinner with colleagues, drinks with friends and I couldn’t help but finish off the night with a little dancing.  I am exhausted as I’m sure you can see.  Ha, who am I kidding??? I still look great!!! Not even any dark marks under my heels.  In fact, I always look great: I wake up looking great, I go to bed looking great. It’s just one of those things I’ve been made with.    The first time I had a good look at myself in the mirror, I wasn’t sure about the combination of my wooden heel and my shinny front side. But you know, it’s actually perfect. I’m totally flexible. Casual and chic at the same time.  People at work like me, it’s easy to find an outfit that works with me and you absolutely can’t miss me on the dance floor.  And not to brag or anything but the looks I get from the other lady shoes does say it all.

My name is Sara.  Actually my whole beautiful name is Sara Platino.  Why add the Platino? Because all that glitters is not gold!

Always want to look great?  I’ll be in Amsterdam in March 2017!

These shoes are made for walking…

Now I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining so please don’t read it as such but I have been walking for days with only a few shorts hours of beauty rest. Don’t get me wrong, I was really excited to be going Rome as I’d never been there before. In fact I couldn’t wait to visit the sites, hang out at the terraces in the piazza’s, meet cute boy shoes (as one does in Rome). Thing is, we never stopped walking.  I mean, I thought we were going on a mini-vacation… little did i know.  After our leisurely breakfast on our beautiful terrace, which lead me to think that our day would be very restful,  off we went:  over the bridges, up the hills, down the stairs, into the parks, along the river, around the piazza’s, in and out of stores, into museums, around the fountains, in line-ups for gelato… We just didn’t stop. Ok ok, occasionally we had a break, a chance for me to catch my breath. We enjoyed some Spritz’s, a bit of people watching, but just as I was getting comfortable, off we went again. Over more bridges, up the hills, down the stairs, into the parks, along the river, around the piazza’s, in and out of stores, into the colosseum (which really is incredible!), around the fountains, in line-ups for gelato again… I kept thinking, isn’t she getting tired? Doesn’t she want another one of those orange drinks? More people watching?  Isn’t it time for dinner? But who am I to make those suggestions?  She’s the boss.

Luckily my wedge is perfectly made for walking and other than brushing off a bit of dust from the cobblestones and freshening up, I still look like I just had a short stroll ; ).

P.S. This is me, taking a well-earned break.  I look quite refreshed don’t you think?