The Shoe Spa

I’ve been noticing that my leather has been getting dry. It’s just not as soft and smooth as it used to be.  I’ve been trying to send signals to bring me to the spa but she hasn’t heard me yet.  Another month and I’ll be positively cracking.  Give me some TLC!  We use the same term as you do – TLC:  Tender Loving Care and I’m needing some at the moment…

After a wonderful night of beauty sleep, I found myself in my silk bag on my way somewhere and not on someone’s feet.  I didn’t dare have too much hope about our destination but deep down I was hoping – hoping that we were heading for the spa! The Shoe Spa – better known to you as the Shoe Makers.  This word is a bit confusing as I’m going there to get some TLC and not to be remade however, they have all of the necessary tools and creams so I’m good with it.  It’s called  “Le Cordonnier” in French. I prefer this word, it’s more spa like.

Getting back to my story – off we drove to an area that I was not familiar with although to be really honest I couldn’t see out of the window so I didn’t really know where we were going. Sometimes she talks out loud when she drives and then I know – but not today – music only…

We got out of the car and walked into a shop. But it wasn’t a shop – it was a Shoe Spa! My dream came true! I wanted to twirl her around in a dance but I was stuck in a bag so I just did a little dance on my own.   Inside, I was put on the counter, the masseuse picked me up, admired me, turned me upside down and saw what kind of treatment I was looking for. He started by fixing the top pieces of my heels and then replaced my outer soles with new ones.  I had been worn so often that these 2 areas needing some mending. And then came the best part.  I was rubbed down lightly in some great oil, placed in a dark room to let it soak in while I rested comfortably.   What a feeling! Just what I needed.   A couple of hours later I was brought back into the treatment room and the leftover oils were brushed off me with the softest of brushes.  I was re-checked from top to bottom, a bit more oil added here and there and since I live in a rather wet climate, I was given the final touch of a light spray to protect my beautiful leather from the rain.  It feels like a feather tickling your chin.  I was so relaxed I could hardly stand-up.  Lucky for me I didn’t need to!  My sister was walking today.

I don’t know how you feel after a day at the Spa but I feel great, rejuvenated and ready to get back out there. So put me back on lady!

No stress…

Last night I overheard “the shoes” as I call them, talking about the weather. I would actually call it “stressing out” about the weather as there was a lot of noise and panic while I was trying to get some much needed (trust me) beauty sleep.  You see, I’m not as “beautiful” as the shoes say they are.  I’m more “practical”.  Not boring – but practical.  There is a huge difference btw.  I exist for the sole purpose of keeping feet warm and dry in the snow and to keep them from slipping on the ice.  I don’t go to parties and  I never go to work.   Sometimes I feel a bit used but I know my worth.  I am indispensable on a cold winter day.  IN-DIS-PEN-SA-BLE.  Not many shoes can say that now, can they?

A funny thing happened some years ago though – I actually became trendy.  I am handmade in Maine, USA (sorry about that…)  so I do know all about snow and ice.  I’ve become ‘in demand’.  Apparently they can’t even make enough of me’s to keep up with the sales!  Go figure!

I used to be labeled – “unglamorous”,  “clumsy” –  paired up with a thick coat, a hat, big mittens, a scarf,  wool socks – who could blame someone for calling me that.  I am usually desperately trying to breathes and move under a pile of snow or navigate over icy roads while keeping the person above safe and sound. That is no easy feat I can tell you. And not always graceful.  But I’m cool with that. I’m good under pressure. I don’t slip and slide when things get tough and I don’t run away (ok my weight does make that tricky…) when the ‘snowing’ gets rough.

So I’m good. I’m good with being the indispensable now actually trendy, winter boot.

Put me on and I guarantee “no stress” in the winter. In fact, I may help you love it!


Rain rain… come again!

I love this weather! Love Love Love It! 

Feel the cool breeze? Hear the sound of the wind rustling the leaves? Needing a heavier coat or an umbrella?  It’s FALL!!!! My favourite season! For the first time in months, I get to be outdoors, I get to Play.   It’s my coming-out season! 

I spend most of the year in the closet. Unfair, I know, but I’ve accepted my fate.  You wouldn’t think it, but I probably get more compliments than my sisters.   I turn a rainy day into a fun day with my rubbery greatness! I keep feet dry.  No extra protection spray nonsense necessary. I have chosen a color for myself that makes me especially cheerful: Green, lots of different greens. 

I would be the life of a party if only they would let me into the house.  They always park me in the mudroom. I mean seriously, I’m a rain boot, not a mud boot.  I’m as clean as a whistle when I’ve been outside.  Just give me a little massage on the carpet at the front door and I’ll even shine!  I’m begging you… Keep me ON! There is nothing more silly looking than a room full of people in socks, never mind the smell. 

All my sisters have names but I don’t.  So you can call me Cool Rain Boots or just “Cool” for short.  I’m extra cool because –  wait for it… 

I have a heel.  I was sick and tired of my sisters being taller than me, sick of people dragging their feet and rubbing my sole the wrong way so I got myself a heel.   Yes, I am a high heel rubber boot and I rock.  I am a little on the heavy side (all that rubber in the heel thing) but it’s good for your calves.

I’ve been trying to convince the ladies to just add some good wool socks to their feet to let me enjoy the winter a bit more – I’ve never even seen the snow…  

But for now I’ll settle for the Fall.  Rain Rain, come again!!!


More than just rubber…

I may not have great heels or fancy materials dressing me up, may not go to many big parties and events but let me tell you why I am more than just a piece of rubber.

Well actually I am just a piece of rubber but I am a very special piece of rubber. In fact, I am probably one of the best inventions ever. I pack light, I don’t care if I get wet or a bit sandy, I’m happy to walk and play, I slip on without any effort and for reasons I don’t even know, I’m actually comfortable.

I must tell you that I very much appreciate if my woman adds a little color to her toenails. Gives me a bit of a boost.  And I also super appreciate a clean foot. I know it’s tempting to just slip your foot in and out of me but please have a quick check before you slip me back on again.  I have some war stories about what has been on the bottom of the lovely feet that wear me but I will spare you – for now.  So truly. Have a look. And thank-you for that.

I’m hardly ever home as I’m usually travelling the world. I’ve been everywhere. Ok, maybe not to the Antarctic but let’s not get stuck in the details.  My favourite place so far has been Zanzibar.  Beautiful white sand, hot as hell but knowing that I was protecting my woman’s feet from the heat made me feel really special.

Anyways, I’m off.  We are heading to Italy for a long weekend. I know, I know… don’t I get a complex there? Not really. I feel good about myself and how many of “those” shoes have been to Zanzibar???